The WA Iron Centre is a private clinic dedicated to the management of iron deficiency and iron deficiency anaemia in WA. Located in Cloverdale, Western Australia, the centre is led by Dr Pradeep Jayasuriya, a leading expert in the treatment of iron deficiency.

We offer a high level of care and management for people diagnosed with iron deficiency. Iron infusions are offered as a treatment option for patients suffering from iron deficiency and iron deficiency anaemia. Our dedicated staff deliver a personalised, high standard of care in a calm and friendly environment where we aim to make you feel involved, informed and confident with the treatment provided.

Our Team

Dr Pradeep Jayasuriya

MBBS, M Hlth Serv Man

Dr Pradeep Jayasuriya is a leading general practitioner in the Perth, Western Australia metropolitan area with a specialised interest in iron deficiency. He developed the first community-based iron infusion facility in Australia which allowed for easier and safe access to intravenous iron for the community. He is widely regarded and consults and lectures widely throughout Australia promoting the better management of iron deficiency to improve outcomes for patients. He is also actively involved in various research programs and contributes to policy in the area of patient blood management.

Dr Nguyen Nguyen

Dr Nguyen graduated from the University of Western Australia in 2003 and has a special interest in family medicine and women’s health issues. She is committed to helping you change your health and life for the better and promises to give the highest quality of care to help you reach your health goals.

On a personal note, Dr Nguyen loves to travel the world, and is especially interested in humanitarian issues. She is actively involved in AusViet which is an aid organisation assisting disadvantaged people in remote areas around Vietnam and Australia.


Practice Nurse

Angela Lowndes is a Registered Nurse who has partnered with Dr Jayasuriya in establishing iron infusion in primary care. The role of nurses in managing iron deficiency is crucial and she has developed some of the innovative tools and instruments we use at the clinic to ensure that patient wellbeing is central to what the clinic does. She is actively engaged in postgraduate training and research.


Consultant Pharmacist

Lee is our Consultant Pharmacist who is passionate about empowering patients with knowledge about their medicines and playing a more direct role in optimising their therapy through collaborative work with GPs.


Consultant Dietitian

Danielle is a Accredited Practicing Dietitian and completed her Master of Dietetics from the University of Queensland in 2016. She specialises in treating iron deficiency and is dedicated to providing high quality, personalised nutrition. She provides expert knowledge and resources to help patients achieve and sustain optimal iron levels and enhance overall health.


Practice Manager

Karen Witkowski is our practice manager with over 25 years of experience. She is well acquainted with the complexities and nuances of the health system. A devotee of the quality improvement movement she is on the lookout to develop a clinic on the basis of excellence and quality. She will ensure that systems and processes run smoothly.



Jackie is our receptionist who takes pride in making patients feel at home, being helpful and friendly to everyone who walks in our door.



Trish is one of our receptionists who likes to make our patients feel comfortable and at ease in a friendly environment. She is passionate about community education and empowerment.